Spray Bottle 2 Liter Bottle 4.5 Pints

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  • This pump can be used as a spray bottle for sanitizer, Material: HDP Plastic, Non-Corrosive Polymer, Brass Nozzel & O Ring. Requires just 7-8 pumps to operate
  • Sanitize your homes/factories easily with this pump spray
  • Capacity: 2 Litre The handle should tightly squeezed with the bottle.
  • This Bottle is best for any liquid Spray, Used for spraying water, pesticides, insecticides and most washing agents
  • How to Use - First fill the bottle with Water/Pesticide , then press the upper portion of the bottle which is connected with the middle tube . Once the tube get filled then press the grip and there will be continuous flow of mist / stream of water which instantly clean.